The Image Deconstructive Workshop 2017, Denver Colorado

Thank you Ross Taylor and the group of amazing photojournalist and experimental storytellers who spoke during the TID 2017 workshop in Denver Colorado. I received an abundance of knowledge, inspiration, portfolio critiques, but most importantly friendships. 

After having some reflective conversations with a few of this years' attendees we would like to provide some feedback and suggest topics to include in future workshops. 


1) We appreciated the message and theme of "Find your way" but we desired to hear more about the failures and struggles of each photographers journey. It's crucial to talk about the triumphs and amazing stories each speaker has been privileged to document, yet it does not come without personal sacrifice and moments of fear and doubt. Lisa Krantz talked about her sacrifices to be present in her personal life and capture the story. 


2) How to manage finances as a freelance photographer/videographer.


3) We appreciated Sophia Allison's voice and perspective as an experimental storyteller who realized that news photojournalism was not for her. Her vulnerability and "outside of the common mold" perspective was encouraging to hear since not everyone who attends the workshop feels news is a good fit for them. 


4) Conversations and discussions about how the news industry is changing and the avenues for youth photojournalist to enter the field.


5) Best practices for self care since our job require deep investment in the people in our stories.


6) Inviting the local community of storytellers where the workshop is hosted to participate in the workshop in some way. We felt like we came to Denver for the workshop learned and talked about storytelling but did not get to experience the community of Denver and the local storyteller that are enacting change. 


7) Difficulties being a staff photographer at an unstable newspaper organization.